Simply Powerful

Cloud-based Bluedrop Learning Network Platform (LNP) brings unsurpassed scale and simplicity to training delivery. Most learning management systems focus on needs within organizations. In contrast, Bluedrop LNP simplifies and decisively solves the more complex tasks required to serve external personnel such as customers, partners, vendors, and suppliers. Watch the Video.

What is Bluedrop Learning Network Platform?

Bluedrop LNP draws its vigor from a network-based learning model. Each network consists of like-minded learners engaged in collaborative content verticals. The result is a more relevant learning path for users, and a highly effective training model.

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Workforce Development

Governments and workforce organizations must simplify and scale training delivery. But they also need a low cost-per-user solution that expedites the training process. Bluedrop Learning Networks provides the needed ease, scale, speed, and savings.

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Human Empowerment/CSR

Our cloud-based programs simplify and scale learning solutions for a variety of organizational settings. These offer greater geographical reach and enterprise level delivery of mission critical training, at a lower cost-per-user than the vast majority of current methods.

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Partner/Customer Training

Every organization has business partners, vendors, and even customers who must be trained to align with core business processes, products, or services. The Bluedrop Learning Network will simplify and scale training delivery to these multiple external stakeholders.

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