Safety Compliance & Credential Management

  • How do you manage your contingent workforce?
  • Are you still using spreadsheets?
  • How do you track your safety compliance?
  • Find out how real-time data can keep your workplaces safe.





    Purpose built for complex training ecosystems

    It costs Canadian companies billion of dollars every year due to workplace injury. Our goal is to not only eliminate workplace fatalities and injuries, but also help those responsible for workplaces to prevent unnecessary fines, and even jail time. Our Bluedrop360 platform is purpose built for your complex training ecosystems.

    Catering to multiple stakeholders, our platform creates transparency-connecting them through real-time data, competency and credential management, instant OJT tracking – reducing administrative nightmares. Fundamentally architected, Bluedrop360 works for several industries and has the ability to integrate seamlessly into any other system you may have.

    OJT - Competency & Credential Management

    Real-time Data

    Multi-Stakeholder Environment



    The Certification Training Registry (CTR) enables over 260 approved training providers to publish their course offerings to a marketplace; creating a one-stop shop for over 170,000 workers and their employers to register for the OH&S training they need to maintain legislative compliance. Each worker will have a secure personalized record of mandatory safety training, accessible online and easily shareable with their employer. Workers, employers and Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) officers in Newfoundland & Labrador will access real-time certification training records through a smartphone or any web-enabled device. This allows them to effectively monitor expiry dates on required training and ensure workplace compliance with OH&S legislation.


    Charmaine - Business Development Executive

    Charmaine joined the Bluedrop team after 15 years working in the technology sector with extensive international business experience working with clients and Fortune 500 companies across Canada, United States, Central America and Asia. Charmaine focuses on developing the Bluedrop360 platform to offer solutions around credential and compliance management. “It’s not just about learning. The goal is to help clients attain better results, better learning outcomes, better job outcomes and better ability to train more people for the same amount of money.”


    Tom has extensive experience with planning and implementing world class events and solutions. Building extended enterprise learning solutions for nearly 10 years, Tom played a major role towards the design and implementation of the world's first Integrated Skills Platform for workforce development.


    Chris constantly keeps his finger on the pulse of the compliance market. With over 12 years of experience in enterprise learning solutions design and development, Chris' work, through Bluedrop, currently serves thousands of users. Responsible for leading implementations with a focus on mobile compatible solutions, Chris takes an extremely user focused approach to solutions for complex workplace training ecosystems.






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