Integrated Skills Management



Bluedrop is the pioneering force behind Integrated Skills Management (ISM), a new market category for workforce development organizations which delivers efficiencies, scale and automation for markets badly in need of a leg up. Our solutions are based on some of the most effective content in the world and the Bluedrop360 platform, our proprietary SaaS-based platform and targeted online content.

  We are the value-add software layer that sits on top of legacy case processing systems that were installed many years ago. Those systems manage compliance—we drive and manage better results. Our clients are handicapped by outdated, paper-heavy systems. We drive change and improve worker qualification progress in complex environments.  


We enable organizations to modernize their systems, which allows them to serve more people faster, better and more efficiently. Does this sound like a pipe dream? Call us – we have the proof!





Bluedrop360 for Occupational Health & Safety

Bluedrop360 for OH&S empowers organizations to govern certification of workforces by delivering training and tracking users’ skills/competencies.


The platform is a multi-dimensional application that enables approved training providers to publish their course offerings to a central marketplace -- a one-stop shop for workers and employers to find the OH&S training they need to maintain legislative compliance and, more importantly, to work more safely.


Employers and workers can register for their courses online. After workers have been marked as completed by various providers, they’ll have safety certificates automatically populated to their training app immediately.


Through the mobile phone app and online, government OH&S regulators and employer health & safety staff can access these records and verify the training credentials of workers on any worksite in the jurisdiction.


The occupational health & safety industry has recognized that appropriately developed, delivered and re-enforced training is essential to injury prevention. We can help.

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Bluedrop360 for Workforce


Bluedrop360 for Workforce empowers organizations to elevate the skills of workforces by delivering training and tracking users’ skills/competencies. The platform enables organizations to modernize and automate how they assist job seekers, serving more job seekers more effectively to help our clients build scale.


On Demand, Automated, Flexible, Nimble & Efficient