Bluedrop Learning Networks enables organizations to modernize their systems, reduce red tape and serve more people faster, better and more efficiently by leveraging technology and expertise. We improve employment outcomes and keep workers safe. Based on the powerful Bluedrop360 platform, out platform consolidates safety training data that can be used as a leading prevention indicator. It is a ‘one stop shop’ that brings together employers, workers, instructors, training companies and occupational health & safety authorities to facilitate safety training.









  • Enables proactive targeting of workplaces or industries to help improve compliance with requirements.

  • Reduces red tape both internally and externally.

  • Enables a correlation of OH&S training certification efforts and compliance with injuryfrequency and severity.

  • Meets privacy and records management standards.




  • Provides a mechanism for online registration and e-commerce.

  • Eases reporting to WCBs/OH&S regulators.

  • Enhances the training experience for students.



  • Provides easy processes that allows a focus on instruction, not paperwork.

  • Facilitates the ongoing relationship with students.

  • Enables live attendance management.



  • Assesses employer compliance need.

  • Improves efficiency by reducing red tape.

  • Tracks workers’ mandatory OH&S certifications and expirations to improve compliance.

  • Eases the demonstration of compliance.



  • Provides a one-stop-shop for mandatory safety training.

  • Enables online registration and payment; Keeps a record of all certifications .

  • No more carrying paper copies as proof of certification.

  • Gives instant certification upon successful course completion.


The Certification Training Registry (CTR) enables over 260 approved training providers to publish their course offerings to a marketplace; creating a one-stop shop for over 170,000 workers and their employers to register for the OH&S training they need to maintain legislative compliance. Each worker will have a secure personalized record of mandatory safety training, accessible online and easily shareable with their employer. Workers, employers and Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) officers in Newfoundland & Labrador will access real-time certification training records through a smartphone or any web-enabled device. This allows them to effectively monitor expiry dates on required training and ensure workplace compliance with OH&S legislation.